Services Offered

The Council execute its functions as enshrined in the Local Government Act No. 2 of 2019. These include among others:

  • To establish and maintain offices and buildings for the purpose of transacting the business of the Council and for public meetings and assembles,

  • To maintain law and order and ensure National Security and the good administration of the Council,

  • To prohibit and control the erection and display of advertisements and advertising devises in, or in view of, streets and other public places,

  • To control the keeping and movement of livestock,

  • To regulate and control the slaughtering of animals, the meat of which is intended for human consumption; also, to control the sale of such meat through certification and to dispose off of diseased animal carcasses and of meat which is unfit for human consumption,

  • To establish and maintain hygiene in abattoirs, cold storage facilities and also to monitor the processing of by-products from abattoirs,

  • To control the movement of the animal carcasses to and from the district,

  • To establish and maintain roads,

  • To control traffic and the parking of vehicles and, for that purpose to establish and maintain parking meters and premises for the parking of vehicles,

  • To take measures for the promotion of road safety,

  • To establish and maintain a system of lighting in streets and other public places,

  • To establish and maintain business premises through inspection and enforcement and also regulation of the intoxicating liquor for the sale and for consumption on and off the premises,

  • To erect, purchase and maintain buildings and facilities and encourage the erection of dwellings needed for the accommodation of persons residing within the area of the Council,

  • To prohibit and control the development and use of land and buildings and the erection of buildings, in the interests of Public Health, Public Safety, and the proper and orderly development of the area of the Council and,

  • To control the demolition and removal of building and to require the altering demolition and removal of buildings without an ultimate approval of the Council.